How To Play

  1. Log into your QuickPicks account.
  2. At the QuickPicks game homepage, choose Play Daily or Play Virtual.
  3. Pick a sport (examples: NFL, NBA, MLB, etc), or choose “All” to scroll through every live matchup and over/under.
  4. You’ll see a list of player-vs-player matchups, presented as Left vs Right. Just click your favorite and it’ll be added to your Ticket. Remember, you need to pick at least 3 matchups or over/under, and can have up to 10.
  5. Enter the amount you want to play.
  6. Like what you see? Just click Submit to lock it all in. Once an entry is placed, it cannot be reversed.

What do I win?

Based on the number of entries that you select and the amount you contribute towards your Ticket determines how much you can win. This table below outlines how much you can win:

Picks Payout Multiple Min Entry Max Entry Min Payout Max Payout
3 of 3 5x $0.10 $50 $0.50 $250
4 of 4 10x $0.10 $50 $1.00 $500
5 of 5 18x $0.10 $50 $1.80 $900
6 of 6 35x $0.10 $50 $3.50 $2,750
7 of 7 70x $0.10 $50 $7.00 $3,500
8 of 8 125x $0.10 $50 $12.50 $6,250
9 of 9 250x $0.10 $50 $25.00 $12,500
10 of 10 500x $0.10 $50 $50.00 $25,000

If players have the same fantasy points in a matchup, they tie, and the matchup is null and void. (The matchup will not count)

If a player has no plays, does not enter the game, or 0 minutes played, the matchup is null and void. (The matchup will not count)

If your roster has two matchups, roster purchase funds are returned in full. (Say you have a four matchup where two matchups have a player that does not play)

If an event is suspended or postponed, any players in that event that are in a matchup are null and void.

How are Points calculated?

Players earn Points based on their stats during the game in question. In football, a Passing Touchdown is worth less than a Rushing Touchdown, and an interception puts a player in the negative. In baseball, a homerun is gold but getting caught stealing is bad news. Here’s the full breakdown.


Stat Points
Passing Touchdown 4
Passing Yards 0.04
Rushing Touchdown 6
Rushing Yards 0.1
Receiving Touchdown 6
Receiving Yards 0.1
Receptions 1
Interception -2
Fumble Lost -2
2 Point Conversion 2
Kick Return TD 6
Punt Return TD 6
Fumbles - own touchdowns from recovery 6


Stat Points
Points 1
Rebounds 1.2
Assists 1.5
Steals 2
Block shots 2
Turn Over -1



Stat Points
Singles 3
Doubles 6
Triples 9
Home Run 12
Runs Batted In 3
Runs Scored 3
Walk 2
Stolen Base 5
Caught Stealing -2
Hit By Pitch 2


Stat Points
Inning Pitched 3
Strikeouts 2
Walks -1
Hits Allowed -1
Earn Runs Allowed -3
Wins 6



Stat Points
Goals 12
Assists 8
Shots on Goal 2
Short Handed G/A Bonus 4
Blocked Shot 2


Stat Points
Goals 12
Assists 8
Shots on Goal 2
Short Handed G/A Bonus 4
Blocked Shot 2
Win 12
Save 0.8
Goal Against -4
Shutout 5


Place Score
1st 45
2nd 42
3rd 39
4th 37
5th 36
6th 35
7th 34
8th 33
9th 32
10th 31
11th 30
12th 29
13th 28
14th 27
15th 26
16th 25
17th 24
18th 23
19th 22
20th 21
21st 20
22nd 19
23rd 18
24th 17
25th 16
26th 15
27th 14
28th 13
29th 12
30th 11
31th 10
32th 9
33rd 8
34th 7
35th 6
36th 5
37th 4
38th 3
39th 2
40th 1
Stat Abbrev Points
Laps Led LL 0.15
Qualified 1st Bonus SP1 10
Qualified 2nd Bonus SP2 5
Place Differential (see notes below) PD 1 pt × (Start Position - Finish Position)


  • A driver will be credited with a fantasy point for each place gained from their qualifying position vs. their finishing position at the conclusion of the race.
  • For example, a driver who qualifies to start in 30th position and finishes in 20th place will be credited with 10.0 fantasy points (+10 place differential * 1=10 fantasy points).
  • If qualification is determined by draw or mechamism other than drivers competing for position, Qualification Bonuses will not be applied to their fantasy scores.


Moves Abbreviation Points
Significant Strike SS 0.5
Takedown TD 5
Submission Attempt SA 5
Knockdown KD 15
Fight Conclusion Abbreviation Points
1st Round Win 1rW 100
2nd Round Win 2rW 80
3rdRound Win 3rW 60
4th Round Win 4rW 40
5th Round Win 5rW 25
Win by Decision WBD 20

PGA Tour

Fantasy scores are calculated for each round played from ticket entry time and final tournament results.

Per Hole Score Abbreviation Score
Double Eagle or Better DE 15
Eagle E 8
Birdie BI 3
Par P 0.5
Bogey BO -1
Double Bogey DB -2
Triple Bogey+ TB -3
Finishing Position Score
1st 30
2nd 20
3rd 18
4th 16
5th 14
6th 12
7th 10
8th 9
9th 8
10th 7
11th-15th 6
16th-20th 5
21st-25th 4
26th-30th 3
31st-40th 2
41st-50th 1

QuickPicks Lingo

Stakes The amount of money placed on a single Ticket.

Ticket When players are picked out of a matchup, they are added to the Ticket. Users also select their entry fee here.

Fantasy Score The number of Fantasy Points a Player accumulated in a Sporting Event.

Fantasy Points Based on a scoring matrix, what a player receives for his performance in a sporting event.

FPPG Average Fantasy Points Per Game.

Matchup Two Players from the same sport, matched against each other and available to pick and add to a ticket.

Over/Under - The projected total fantasy points that a player will amass for a game. Choose Over or Under this number and add to a ticket.

Maximum Entry Fee The maximum that can be placed on one Ticket.

Minimum Entry Fee The minimum that can be placed on one Ticket.

No Action A Matchup that does not count towards the outcome of a completed Ticket.

Payout The total prize awarded to a winning Ticket, inclusive of the stake.

Pick The selected Player in a single Matchup.

Submitted Ticket A Ticket can be placed as soon as 3 to 10 Picks have been selected. Note that a Submitted Ticket cannot be canceled.

Player Part of a matchup, a Player is any person competing in a Sporting Event.

Settled Matchup Once all relevant Player Statistics have been finalized, the matchup is considered settled.

Sport Event A game, match, or contest involving a Player in a Matchup.

User Any person who has an active Account with

Voided Sporting Event A Sport Event in which all Picks have been removed from the list of available Matchups.

Winning Entry A Ticket in which each selected Pick has won its respective Matchup.